Missing Golden Retriever Found Alive After 16 Days of Swimming Along Shoreline

After a distressing period of over two weeks, Chunk, a magnificent 3-year-old golden retriever, has finally been reunited with his family thanks to a water rescue operation conducted by the New Jersey State Police in the United States.

The heroic efforts of Officers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi from the Point Pleasant Station played a pivotal role in this heartwarming reunion.

As the officers were preparing to commence their shift, they received a complaint about a dog swimming alone in Barnegat Bay. Determined to assist, they embarked on a search mission across the bay. Guided by their instincts, they navigated the waters aboard a Zodiac watercraft, eventually reaching a point approximately 75 meters away from the shoreline where the exhausted dog was spotted, as revealed by Ferdinandi.

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