10 Most Deadly Dog Diseases

Your dog does not speak! It sounds trivial but he will not be able to tell you if he is suffering, let alone where the pain is located, if it is recent, whether it is an illness or simply shock trauma. So it’s up to you to be vigilant, to observe his attitudes, his behavioral changes … all the signs that can alert you and direct the diagnosis of the veterinarian, if your dog suffers from an illness.

If certain signs of illness are clearly visible, such as diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, lameness … and that one thinks easily to evoke to his vet, other symptoms are sometimes more discreet, less known, and they are not connected not necessarily a disease.

Indeed, dogs hide more signs of disease than humans, and even if you think you know your dog well, you may not realize that he is sick. When the animal begins to weaken, it is already sometimes too late!

Finally, it is necessary to be much more vigilant and reactive with an adult or senior dog than with a puppy, well observe it, and do not wait too much, even if the symptoms are discreet!

10. Your dog drinks and urine a lot

This is a major symptom in our dogs. Our animals do not drink much, especially if they eat wet food.

And even though dogs are fed with kibble, they usually drink at most 50ml per kilogram per day.

If they exceed this amount, it can be a sign of many diseases, while many people think, “If my pet drinks well and urine a lot is that everything is fine.”

It is a sign of: Renal Insufficiency, Hepatic Insufficiency, Diabetes, Hypercalcemia, Urinary Infection, Metritis, Hypercorticism (Cushing’s Disease …).

This is an important signal to observe and tell your veterinarian if it lasts a few days.

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