10 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

Our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts and we cherish them like family. Beyond fulfilling their basic needs, we express our affection towards them by indulging them with toys and treats. However, while we sense that our dogs feel the same way towards us, it would be great to understand how they communicate their love to us.

10. They bring stuff to you that need to be ‘fixed’.

If your pooch brings you their damaged toys, it’s a sign of trust in your ability to mend them. Dogs don’t readily part with their belongings and will only offer them up to someone they adore, so if they bring you their treasured items, it’s a clear indication of their love for you. They believe in your capacity to restore their cherished possessions, and thus present them to you, often accompanied by a whine. This behavior is a manifestation of your dog’s affection towards you. Remember, your furry friend will always hold you in the highest regard, and it’s important to reciprocate the same love. Take a moment to shower your four-legged companion with some much-needed cuddles!

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