12 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

All dogs are individuals with their own likes and dislikes. But there are a few common habits we owners have that irritates our furry friends.

While we may get ticked off when fido rummages through the bins, or chews on our new slippers, there’s usually a very good reason for that. And the key is finding out why they’re exhibiting that behaviour in the first place.

Could pup be bored, need more exercise or stressed from being alone too long?

The behaviour we dislike is more often than not a direct result of our own actions.

So for us to live harmoniously with our dogs, we first need to take a long hard look at what we’re doing as owners.

Only then can we find the root of the problem and take steps to fix it.

If only our dogs could speak, I’m sure we’d be getting plenty of back-chat. Especially when we do these 10 things dogs hate.

Number 12: Hugging your dog

Hugging is the best way for us humans to express love and gratitude in-between each other, but it is not the case with our fellow dogs! For them, hugging is a sign of dominance! Although you are the dominant force in your house and in the relationship between you and your dog, still it is not something you want to keep flaunting in your dog’s face all the time! Hugging brings feelings of confusion and irritation for your dog – clearly, they will not understand nor enjoy it!

By understanding this, try to avoid hugging your dog whenever possible, if not always! Your dog does tolerate you because you are his owner and you are dominant, but it will never be a pleasant experience! Strangers should stay further away from this practice as the dog can show signs of unsettlement, and even aggression!

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