it’s safe to say that probably everyone at least once in their life has dreamed of having a dog I mean dogs are man’s best friend aren’t they however any beginner dog owner needs to be prepared before committing to a new puppy companion we know that our viewers are very responsible people or at least that we hope they are and that they want to be prepared before welcoming a new puppy to their family so we decided to give you a little bit of insight into dogs behaviors these are five things that you should never under any circumstance do to your dog let’s get started.

1. dressing your dog

while there are fashion-forward individuals who also want to channel their love of fashion to their dogs such a thought must never be entertained by responsible dog owners if you have a dog at home from a chihuahua to lab don’t dress them in fact these things that may look cute and fluffy and bright can actually impair their ability to interact with other animals in the animal world it is animal instinct that when one looks bright it is poisonous so how do you think the Labrador down the street might think when little spot is wearing a bright pink skirt I’d be a little freaked out also may not have noticed but some of these clothes are very restrictive or even made out of unbreathable materials that’s too tight for your pets such that if you’re not able to get it off immediately the clothes that you put in your pit might actually make them feel claustrophobic

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