Keanu Reeves plays with Golden Retriever puppies

Keanu Reeves and puppies!

Reeves need not have been concerned, as he managed to answer his first question using deductive reasoning, with a little help from Pup Quiz host Steve Higgins. He was soon rewarded with an incredibly cute puppy that snuggled up with him on his comfy recliner.

Fallon protested at Higgins’ interference, exclaiming, “That’s not fair! I’m not taking a puppy from John Wick. I’m just saying it now.”

Fallon’s statement was correct since he then proceeded to answer his question incorrectly, resulting in Reeves temporarily owning two dogs that were jumping and licking his face in excitement. Reeves then doubled his furry companions during Double Puppardy by correctly identifying a dik-dik as a type of antelope.

Reeves cheered, “Let’s go, Fallon!” with four ecstatic puppies snuggling up to him. “It’s puppy love!”

When one of the dogs ran over to greet Fallon’s dog, Reeves indignantly shouted, “That’s my puppy, Fallon!”

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