12 Secret Fears 90% of Men Never Talk About

I’m in the other 10% is that what you’re saying okay I’ll talk about it do men care about their diets is it true that they worry about their relationships is it even possible that men can have secrets no way is what many women would answer they look so strong and decisive however this is just another stereotype that our society imposed, we’re going to tell you about 12 things that actually worried most men counting down from:

Number 12: What Their Body Looks Like

From a very young age women learn to think that their body should be ideal all the time, they think they should work out very often and constantly follow a diet we are not quite sure where these stereotypes come from but we do know that there is no such thing for men however it doesn’t mean that they don’t worry about their physical shape or compare it with well-built men and magazines otherwise why would men spend so much time in the gym they try to look better so they can compete with other men and the worst fear is someone mentioning their beer belly to avoid it men are ready for everything even exercising instead of watching football with a bottle of beer.

Number 11: Financial Situation

Money is one of the most popular things that keep men awake at night from childhood men realize that they are supposed to be breadwinners otherwise they don’t deserve to be called men that’s why many men grow up scared to start a relationship because they think that the most important thing is how much they earn well guys it is just simply not true it’s not the money that women fall for yes prosperity can add to a man’s appeal but it’s care and attention that are really important for ladies and if you’re dating a woman who only cares about money she is definitely not worth time amen.

Number 10: Their Height

How can a man not worry about one of the main features of an ideal man being tall so a short guy can’t be ideal by definition no of course it’s not true women don’t fall in love with tall guys just because they’re tall maybe they are simply more confident than that’s all if you happen to be a short guy don’t fall into despair size does not matter unless it’s about the size of your heart no matter how cheesy this might sound hey what’d you think I was gonna say.

Number 9: Sex is Terrible

What if you tell him that he is great in bed only out of pity what if all your ex partners were much better than him and he is a disaster well this can be a hard problem to solve if you never talk about it make this sort of conversation a normal thing to discuss which it actually is once you make him more confident you will see that the sex will get much better as well.

Number 8: Other Men Can Be a Threat

When men are jealous it’s not usually as obvious as when women are however it hurts their self-esteem just as much your boyfriend might show absolutely no signs of being worried when you occasionally tell him about a male colleague with a wonderful sense of humor girls don’t let this confident mask deceive you he is worried as hell he compares himself to his potential competitor don’t let fear and doubt thrive they may be really destructive to your relationship if you feel like you need to talk ask him to explain how he feels and tell him there is no threat whatsoever.

Number 7: Your Family Hates Him

You know all these jokes about fathers and mothers in law men really worry about your family’s attitude to you because they can easily influence you so you may notice that your boyfriend starts to laugh at your father’s jokes a little bit harder than necessary guys if you’ve been in such a situation like this video if something like this happens don’t hesitate to discuss the situation remember talking solves problems.

Number 6: Little Experience in Relationships

We think that movies are to blame for the image of a macho that is stuck in every man’s head that’s why they always try to look like more experienced lovers than they really are they can even lie about how many ex-girlfriends they had in fact they are just as afraid of doing something wrong as women our support and honesty will help both you and your partner feel more confident.

Number 5: Hair

The hair on the body and the head is always a problem for men a little amount of hair on the body what if it doesn’t look macho enough too much hair is it too scary or too messy and the worst thing that can happen is becoming bald especially for men that used to have long hair they start panicking when this happens so they look for clinics shampoos they spend a lot of money on them and when they don’t help they get depressed don’t mention this to your boyfriend just tell them that you don’t care about little things like that hair or no hair you love him anyway.

Number 4: Diet

I’m on a diet this is what men very often hear from women but how would you react if a man said that to some people it sounds a little strange however men also care about their bodies about their health and the foods they eat and that’s absolutely normal who doesn’t want to live a long healthy life and be in good shape at the same time it’s just that men talk about this way less often don’t make fun of your partner if he is suddenly worried about his diet it’s great that he cares you’d like him to stay attractive right.

Number 3: Their Relationship With Their Girlfriend

So many articles have been written in women’s magazines about saving relationships however if men started talking about problems with their girlfriends or about how much they are worried about them it might sound strange but why is it because men are supposed to be brutal and they shouldn’t worry about such insignificant things as relationships look they want everything to be okay just as much as you want it so let them worry will you.

Number 2: How Many Partners a Girl had Before him

If a woman has more partners than a man before they met he might feel the necessity to compete with them besides he might also worry that he doesn’t have as much experience as you do what you should do here is explain to him that what happened in the past is past and now he is your present and your conscious choice he has nothing to worry about keep in mind that when you’re telling him this there is a fat chance that the man will deny the fact that he is worried he’ll say it’s all cool I know you love me don’t believe that men are not used to showing their weaknesses so you have to say what you want to say anyway.

Number 1: Open Expression of Emotions

Don’t cry you’re a man this is what most men always hurt his children their parents wanted to make them strong enough to protect their families however we think that it’s not such a good idea like this video if you agree like we said before men are scared of showing their true emotions which is terrible everyone needs to let it all out from time to time don’t add fuel to the fire and don’t say that a man is supposed to handle difficulties easily men oh nothing to anyone and if you accidentally see your boyfriend cry pretend if possible that you didn’t notice anything if he knows that you noticed discuss the problem with him and don’t hide the very fact that he cried yes maybe women are more emotional but it doesn’t mean men don’t deserve to cry sometimes like this video if you enjoyed it are there any other men fears that we haven’t told you about tell us in the comment section below send this video to your friends both male and female it’ll be useful for everyone.


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