How to Deworm a dog

Deworming the dog is an absolutely essential action for your health or yours. It is recommended to administer a vermifuge very regularly. The diseases caused by the internal parasites are very serious and the man can be infected.
To keep your dog healthy, you must deworm regularly. But it can be helpful to know how to detect if it is parasitized. In addition, your dog must be wormed more or less often depending on his age or activity with appropriate products.

It is quite difficult to know if the dog has worms. The worms are not always visible to the naked eye and can be microscopic. Their excretion is also not constant. Your veterinarian can do a stool analysis that will know exactly which worms are present. The dog may be parasitized by ingesting or licking soiled material from contaminated animal droppings, eating an infested animal, swallowing a flea or eating undercooked meat. The symptoms often go unnoticed and vary depending on the age, health and degree of infestation of your dog.


The parasitized puppy can see its growth disrupted. He may have digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, constipation or occlusion. It is possible to find worms in the stool and parasites can cause respiratory problems with a cough that comes back regularly.


The parasitized adult dog can be weakened and lose weight. Transit disorders can be seen as diarrhea or loose stools. The coat becomes dull. The dog can make the “sign of the sled”: he rubs his buttocks to the ground and you can see “grains of rice” in the stool.

How many times a year do you need to deworm?

The dog should be dewormed very regularly, two to four times a year for hunting dogs. The dewormer acts punctually which means that the dog is rid of worms after the dewormer has been administered but can be contaminated again a few days later.


It is imperative to deworm the puppy every two weeks when it is between fifteen days and two months. Then, two to six months, we dewormed once a month.


The adult dog should be treated regularly according to his lifestyle. The minimum is twice a year. For dogs that live a lot outdoors or who are in contact with young children, it is recommended to deworm four times a year.


The breeding dog can contaminate puppies during gestation and feeding. It must be dewormed a few days before mating, then two weeks before and two weeks after farrowing.

How to give a dewormer?

The tablets are small and can be easily hidden in the food. Some are very palatable and the dog swallows them willingly. It is ideal for greedy dogs or those who are easily manipulated.


As for treating external parasites, there are now pipettes to fight against intestinal parasites. Just drop their contents into the dog’s neck on the surface of the skin.


The mouth syringes are graduated and contain a dough to be ingested by the dog. They are practical for deworming puppies.


Deworming injections are performed by the veterinarian when the dog is very infested or when the drug can only be given injectable.

Are they effective for all worms?

Dewormers can be effective for all worms when they are broad-spectrum. Some products have a reduced spectrum of activity and only treat roundworms or flatworms. Versatile or broad spectrum products act on both types of worms. It is recommended to alternate different dewormers for maximum effectiveness.

Should we worm the dog before a vaccine?

It is best to deworm the dog a week before vaccination so that the immune system is only busy reacting to the vaccine and is not caught in the fight against intestinal worms. If you have forgotten, do not panic, you can worm a few days after vaccination, but this is not ideal.
Dr. Elisabeth Tané, veterinarian.



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