9. The Hairy Collie

This breed comes from Scotland and North England in the beginning they were raised to care for herds and Great Britain and although they continue to play this role there are many who have also become the family’s best friends it is medium in size and can reach a height of 1.8 fee and a weight of 62 pounds their coat is abundant and light-colored with white and puppies can be beige brown or white it is not a dog that fits any family because being a lover of physical work it will prefer that their owners are active and love to be outdoors they are playful enthusiastic and surprisingly.

Magnificent because they bring joy to the home but in spite of that they can also be very sensitive it is recommended to check their long ears to avoid infection or fungus their average lifespan is between 14 and 16 years if you want a nice companion like this you’ll have to save from one thousand to five thousand dollars

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