10 Secrets You Didn’t Know Were Hidden In Red Dead Redemption 2’s Map

9- The Gory Serial Killer’s Cabin Can Only Be Found By Following Map Clues

As players traverse the western regions of New Hanover and West Elizabeth in Red Dead Redemption 2, they will come across a number of mysteries. One of the earliest and most dangerous of these mysteries can be discovered by investigating a body located near Valentine on the map. Players will find evidence of mutilation, a bloody map, and clues that resemble those from a true crime documentary on serial killers.

By piecing together the clues from the murder scenes and the map, players can solve the mystery of the serial killer. The map leads to the location of the serial killer’s secret underground cabin. Inside, players will discover a disturbing collection of corpses and organs, before being forced to confront the killer in a life-or-death struggle. This is just one of the many easily missed secrets in the game.

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